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Our team exists to serve our clients in developing a plan to improve their roof maintenance efficiencies. Through our extensive experience in inspecting and maintaining the roofs of commercial portfolios, we’ve come to observe a pattern in their performance. We’ve seen that the majority of clients are not maximising their limited maintenance budgets, instead unknowingly eroding them through reactive and misdiagnosed leak repairs. Usually through the use of plumbers, general maintenance companies and builders resulting in: - Increased liability associated with slips and trips - Internal damage and additional repair costs - Frustrated occupants - Significant financial loss - Increased workload on the Facilities Maintenance Manager and their staff ​It’s our intention to provide a far more effective solution. We developed our roof auditing process and reports with facilities managers of large portfolios and shopping centres in mind.

About National Roof Inspections


Our Trustworthy Team

Roofing is a specialised trade and should be approached as such. National Roof Inspections provides a dedicated and experienced team able to provide a tailored solution for your roofs. We provide consulting services for: roof audits quality control monitoring, leak investigation, and developing preventative roof maintenance programs for commercial roofing systems. We are proud to provide the expertise of in house inspectors who are trade qualified, each with a minimum of 10 years industry experience. By implementing our tailor made auditing system across your portfolio we will: - Provide you with accurate financial forecasting for repairs - Reduce risk of public liability claims associated with slips - Reduce workload for your inhouse staff - Provide qualified and objective recommendations to ensure that repairs carried out are completed correctly the first time - Provide accurate scope of works for projects We are proud of the fact that National Roof Inspections is the first company of its kind. Unlike options previously available, our company doesn’t provide roof repairs or replacements. This means that you can rest assured that you will enjoy accurate and  impartial advice which will always be in the best interest of you, our client. We work with forward thinking managers of commercial portfolios. Our company is committed to working with you in continually refining our service, delivering you an unsurpassable level of transparency, control and financial efficiency. Our objective is to build on our proud reputation, providing amazing value and ensuring consistency across your portfolio.


Trade qualified inspectors

​Typically, the majority of roof inspections and audits are carried out by roofing companies. As most businesses are driven by profit, this can sometimes influence the recommendations made and perhaps do not always have their clients best interest at heart when conducting an audit. This is where National Roof Inspections is different. We do not offer roof repairs or works so, therefore, offer a completely biased free roof inspection and report as we are not trying to sell anything else at all!


Specialised reports developed with you in mind

​Our licenced in-house inspectors specialise in providing easy to read and understand reports that are colour coded depending on the recommendations made and also include photographic evidence pinpointed on aerial maps. Many of our clients will send our report to various roofing companies and associated trades so they are sure to receive proposals that are focused on the same scope of works. Fortunately, Australians live in the best country in the world but unfortunately, our climate is extremely harsh and your rooftop cops a beating year in and year out. It is not uncommon for our commercial clients to have us conduct regular inspections of their properties and facilities simply due to the ever-changing conditions of roof materials, fixings and sealants let alone the changing landscape of the roof due to HVAC and other trades. Our areas of specialty are full comprehensive roof condition reports, leak investigations, solar suitability reports and preventative roof maintenance programs for commercial roofing systems.  Due to the nature of the work, roof repairs and maintenance is usually a substantial investment and you would like to believe the provider has offered great value for money? National Roof Inspections can offer a quality control audit of works undertaken, to ensure the job has been completed correctly and giving you peace of mind that your budget has not been wasted. Our focus and goals are to help reduce roof maintenance budgets, liabilities from slips and trips, internal water damage and repair costs, frustrated tenants, financial loss as well as the workload and stresses on Operation and Facility Managers as well as maintenance staff. Should you need a roof inspection or perhaps have some questions or like to find out a little more about our services, please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime and we look forward to helping you, too.

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