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Case Studies

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A single-level shopping centre located approximately 20 kilometres from Brisbane CBD. The centre includes more than 125 specialty stores had 72 buckets at the ready every time it rained…..

At the time of meeting with the Facility Management team, they were extremely frustrated with ongoing leaks, tenant complaints and the liabilities of slip hazards. 

They had engaged a property maintenance company that was a “one-stop shop” for all maintenance needs. 

Despite spending their limited budget on repairs, upon inspection it was evident that the materials and tradespeople used to complete the works were out of their depth. Not knowing how to accurately diagnose the centre’s issues, they would repeatedly charge for areas that they had already been paid to repair. 

Over a period of about 6 months, we were able to correctly diagnose the issues and recommend needed repairs which resulted in the centre taking the number of leaking areas from 72 down to 3. 

Through the use of our unique auditing process, they were also able to curb excessive expenditure on tradespeople by allocating minor works to be carried out by the centre’s in-house maintenance team. 



A large biscuit and snack food manufacturer engaged over 10 different contractors to help with ongoing issues which all resulted in a repair bill of $185k!

At the time that we were engaged by this company, they had a long history with a variety of roofing contractors. They wanted consistency, reliability and protection for their production line and after dealing with over 10 previous contractors, were at their wit’s end. 

Unfortunately, their in-house staff weren’t equipped to accurately diagnose and check the quality of the roofing contractor’s work. Each of the previous contractors would carry out their quoted works which were then signed off only to find that the original roofing issues persisted. 

We thoroughly inspected the premises with the findings delivered in a comprehensive audit. This allowed the Maintenance Manager to grasp the entirety of the works required and prioritise based on urgency. 

Unfortunately, due to delays in authorising a small repair, one of the urgent areas diagnosed on the report wasn’t acted on resulting in a repair bill of $185k.



A Brisbane management company specialising in Commercial and Industrial assets were informed by multiple roofing companies that they had to buy a new roof…….

The National Facilities Maintenance Manager of this group had previously been informed by multiple roofing contractors that the entire roof area of one of their properties needed immediate replacement. This was obviously in the best interest of the contractors however didn’t meet the manager’s budget or criteria. 

After careful assessment by our team, we were able to deliver a roof maintenance plan that allowed for the highest priority areas to be addressed resulting in delivering a leak-free roof and buying the time required to raise funds for the remaining works. 



A large shopping centre on the Gold Coast with hundreds of tenants, experienced over 150 leaks after a storm came through and were being charged multiple times for the same issues….

Prior to initiating our tailor-made auditing system, the centre was using a plumbing company to manage its roofing needs. 

Despite previously investing in roof maintenance, the centre experienced 150 roof leaks following a severe storm. 

With the new Manager’s fresh approach, the centre adopted our auditing system, received the correct leak diagnosis, and proactively carried out repairs for the forecasted issues. As a result, the centre now experiences fewer roof leaks from their original roof area than the recently installed extension. 

Due to the transparency of our auditing system, they were also able to hold their preferred contractor accountable to quoted works and hence prevented paying multiple times for the same scope of work. 



A QLD brewery installed hundreds of solar panels believing this would be a great investment for themselves and the planet.

Unfortunately, not everything went to plan……...

Other than keeping out the elements, there is no better use of your commercial roof space than to benefit from installing solar.

The brewery contracted National Roof Inspections to conduct a pre-solar audit of which the end result was a firm recommendation not to proceed with the solar install until the roof had much-needed repairs carried out. 

Unfortunately, they went ahead with the solar rollout, prior to attending to the roof, which resulted in ongoing leak issues. They also had to pay a premium price to have the panels removed as they were contracted by the original installers which limited them going to tender!

Had the brewery carried out the recommended repair works on the roof prior to solar, they would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and many days lost production from their facility.

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