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Large Biscuit and Snack Food Manufacturer Building

A large biscuit and snack food manufacturer engaged over 10 different contractors to help with ongoing issues which all resulted in a repair bill of $185k!

At the time that we were engaged by this company, they had a long history with a variety of roofing contractors. They wanted consistency, reliability and protection for their production line and after dealing with over 10 previous contractors, were at their wit’s end. 

Unfortunately, their in-house staff weren’t equipped to accurately diagnose and check the quality of the roofing contractor’s work. Each of the previous contractors would carry out their quoted works which were then signed off only to find that the original roofing issues persisted. 

We thoroughly inspected the premises with the findings delivered in a comprehensive audit. This allowed the Maintenance Manager to grasp the entirety of the works required and prioritise based on urgency. 

Unfortunately, due to delays in authorising a small repair, one of the urgent areas diagnosed on the report wasn’t acted on resulting in a repair bill of $185k.

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