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Single-Level Shopping Centre

A single-level shopping centre located approximately 20 kilometres from Brisbane CBD. The centre includes more than 125 specialty stores had 72 buckets at the ready every time it rained.

At the time of meeting with the Facility Management team, they were extremely frustrated with ongoing leaks, tenant complaints and the liabilities of slip hazards. 

They had engaged a property maintenance company that was a “one-stop shop” for all maintenance needs. 

Despite spending their limited budget on repairs, upon inspection it was evident that the materials and tradespeople used to complete the works were out of their depth. Not knowing how to accurately diagnose the centre’s issues, they would repeatedly charge for areas that they had already been paid to repair. 

Over a period of about 6 months, we were able to correctly diagnose the issues and recommend needed repairs which resulted in the centre taking the number of leaking areas from 72 down to 3. 

Through the use of our unique auditing process, they were also able to curb excessive expenditure on tradespeople by allocating minor works to be carried out by the centre’s in-house maintenance team. 

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